PureVision 2 Toric for Astigmatism (6 Pack)

PureVision 2 Toric for Astigmatism (6 Pack)

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PureVision2 Toric For Astigmatism

PureVision2 Toric For Astigmatism contact lenses have a unique Auto Align Design that stabilizes the lens on the eye for less blur and haziness - even during physical activity. So you experience vision that's crisp, clear, and consistently stable.

  • Manufactured by Baush + Lomb.
  • Designed to reduce halos and glare so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision, even in low light.
  • Reduces blur and haziness that can be associated with sudden movements.
  • ComfortMoist Thin rounded edge design and moisture-rich packaging solution offers outstanding comfort throughout the day.
  • Designed for a smooth transition between the lens and the surface of your eye.
  • Monthly replacement schedule.

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